After another long hiatus, I am back

Finals are over, and I’m back home from school. In the time that I’ve neglected to post, I have finished:

  1. A Jiji plushie that I’m super stoked about.
  2. A maternity top. No, I am not expecting, but even with the “small” size directions, the pattern I’m making had HUGE bikini areas. I dunno what it is about norweigan patterns doing that, but seriously. As a small, I would have needed DD size breasts to fit. Which was very discouraging for me, because I loved the pattern. After consulting with my mother and a few of my crochet friends, it’s been pretty much decided that it would be a pretty maternity top. So. I shall keep it.
  3. Multiple travel mug cozies. 

And right now, I’m about to start knitting the scarf I promised the boyfriend. 

Wish me luck.

I finished 2 projects yesterday!

Jiji and a catnip ball for my kitty cat. Now I can go onto the project that I’ve been dying to make for months now.


Ever. That I HAVE to do. Of course I’m going to have to make myself to spanish every day from now on, just to keep up.

Now, off to do dishes, then crochet my fingers off.


I finished my last term paper almost a week before it’s due. Which means after I finish my spanish homework, all I have to do is crochet. Which is lovely because I really really have no desire to do anything but crochet, as it is.

Forget it, I’m taking a break from work today.

And I’m gonna make myself a pretty headband.



Did you guys know that super glue can set cotton yarn on fire? Because I didn’t know until today.

I was attempting to glue crochet roses to an old binder of mine. I couldn’t find any hot glue sticks for the glue gun, or any normal glue. So, I decided to…

My boyfriend actually just explained this to me. I saw this post and was like OH MY GOD BABE CAN THAT HAPPEN?! And he just sat there with this look on his face like. Wow, you’re an idiot. -.-

Essentially though, according to Mr. Engineer, there are chemical bonding agents in super glue that, when exposed to air, go through an exothermic reaction, which always creates heat. So when that heat is exposed to something flammable (like yarn, or the chemicals in the dyes that color the yarn), there is always a risk of it igniting. 

Fun facts.



A message to Planned Parenthood women’s rights supporters from President Obama.

Watch the whole video here.

I love everything about this man and he’s not even the leader of my country.

Obama. I love you.

He is really a great President, I don’t care what anyone else says about him. Also, that’s one less Uterus I need to crochet to send out to male politicians.

I feel like I haven’t crocheted in so long…

Ever since spring break I’ve been bogged down with a crazy amount of work. 

I just finished one term paper, though, so I might reward myself with some crocheting this weekend.

Oh wait, I can’t.

I  have three exams next week.

Monday: Last Spanish exam until the final.

Tuesday: Mid-term in Inca (even though there’s only like. Two weeks after that until the final).

Wednesday: Spanish Oral exam that is going to suuuuuuuck. Nobody understands my Argentina accent when I slur my “ll“‘s, and they all give me this face that essentially reads as “WHAT LANGUAGE ARE YOU SPEAKING AM I IN THE WRONG CLASS THIS MUCH BE CANTONESE OR SUMMAT.”

Dios, me mata ahora, por favor?

Problems of a college crochet-er

Deciding if I want to get to class on time….

Or scroll through the crochet tag on tumblr…